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Established 2015, in Bangkok, the first Seven Suns tea bar opened its doors serving fine brewed tea beverages, tea lattes and frappes. Backed by the World renowned Mei Leaf tea company (London,UK), we source our products from only highly skilled, master matcha producers in Japan.

Following several event shows, our matcha drinks rapidly grew in popularity, with a taste & texture unparalleled to what is currently offered on the market today. Over 70 variants of matcha were sampled before finding our signature blends and pure powders, that we are now proud to offer our fellow matcha fans.



Due to high demand, our matcha is now exclusively available for mail order delivery. We want everyone to enjoy the taste and reap the health benefits of high quality matcha in their daily lifestyles, no matter where they are.

Our commitment is focused on building the matcha community, to push boundaries and help shape the real matcha revolution across S.E. Asia.